All photos that appear on this site are copyrighted to me as Landrum
Kelly, Jr.  

Nonetheless, this site is NOT a commercial site at this time, and may
never become a commercial site.  While it remains a non-commercial site,
you may download the images that appear here for private,
NON-COMMERCIAL use.  You may also link to this site for
non-commercial purposes, such as promotion of educational or other
non-profit activities.  I only ask that you give attribution if you post these
photos in any public place, including the internet.

I do not mind if these images are printed for non-commercial use.  Please
keep in mind, however, that images that appear crisp on your monitor will
not print clearly at the large sizes given on the screen, much less larger
sizes.  For such prints, you would need the larger original digital files.  I
this were to become
a commercial site, I would consider printing and
selling photos that appear here.  At present, however, that is not a planned
activity due to my other obligations as a college professor.

                               --Landrum Kelly, August 27, 2006